Determinants of Suboptimal Use of Digital Marketing at X Hospital


  • Endy Wira Pradana MMRS FKUB
  • Kristiwi Hanggriyani Marsudi Waluyo Hospital
  • Eriko Prawestiningtyas Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya


Digital marketing, hospital, public relations and marketing, social media


During the COVID-19 pandemic era, digital-based hospital activities were chosen as an alternative solution to support the physical distancing policy. Digital marketing is a digital-based marketing activity to reach customers widely. This study aimed to determine the determinants of suboptimal digital marketing in X Hospital. This research was conducted using a qualitative descriptive method. Data were collected using observation, document review, and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). FGD respondents determined were six respondents consisting of the Head of General and Administrative Division, Head of Finance, two Public Relations and Marketing Staff, Hospital Management Information System (SIMRS) staff, and Patient Registration Coordinator. The root of the problem is presented in the fishbone diagram and followed by the 5-Whys method. The priority of the root of the problem found was that the PR and marketing unit staff of X Hospital had not optimally used the features on social media for marketing activities. The alternative solution was chosen using a scoring method on Capability, Accessibility, Readiness, and Leverage (CARL), which was optimizing the Instagram business feature as the main social media for X Hospital in the digital marketing activities.


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